On the Square...when I first started on chore was to circle Meadow Mountain, a square red boulder stuck out like a sore thumb, on the way back to the truck it dawned on me that there was a face cut into the flat.

Tried flat hill for 15 minutes 105* stopped me in my tracks.

Howdy, Back on line, found another Windows 7, it is making the same mistakes as before the doctor told me I could play the violin. Have been working a small site in Tom Green County also made a trip to the Middle Concho. One major site in Sterling County has turned into three...not counting the size of the first one. Mountain is alive with flint as well as sunrise

sites. Made one spectacular find...monkey, then several small finds followed by full size Great Head which appears to be

Xipe Totec or Chichimeca's version, another banner day. Follow up was a flint sculpture of a bird head...(Turkey?). After passing one site in Sterling County for months a stop was made to ask permission to investigate. Numerous large pieces

along with one called UGLY. Last week another hill which had been bypassed gave a number of pieces along with a mother/child image. Just in time for HUNTING SEASON to shut down most field work. 

Dec 13 Got out today had to give the hunters a chance to shoot me (only fair). Two hills less than half a mile apart, one almost zero flint...other lite numbers of flint. Had been looking at the hill for three years.

Dec 15 More rain/cold. From the eagle the Sphynix has a distinctive cat shape. Unproven at this point, it is possible the

bird/eagle/falcon is pointing at 271* which would be the Equinox. Rain is worth the wait and aggravation.

Dec 14 BANNER DAY was able to get up close to the Sphynix  across box canyon was/is a bird head...eagle/falcon ???? Treid for photos but wet set in. Will post what I have in a day or two. First good day will be back out with better cameras.

6 March 2018 Howdy, Not much of an update, have been finding tools along with bird effigies. Knee played out for a spell.  Only real news is that my Clan had anaming ceremony have walked the white man's road for most of my life. Meet Dances With Rocks!!!!!!!!!!


Howdy, Will try to get back to some semblance of modernity. As reported Windows 10 killed my laptop. In addition managed three bad falls which side lined my getting out. THEN! It rained and rained and rained; (in West Texas): Weeds are pushing two feet tall, creek bottoms have growth six feet high, brush has covered every semi flat surface.

Good News; Several really great finds, one near spectacular. Photos coming as soon as they can be uploaded. Have to sharpen my pencil. Doctor said nothing important was broken, he ignored my head.

Interesting times.....1/5/2018 Hospital fro pneumonia....5/1/2018 Week in hospital for pneumonia...got out to find my internet dead. Doc's orders were to stay in for a spell. Will stop today just to see if rain made a difference. Best description is weak....could be drugs.

BIG BIRD! This was interesting to say the least, it had been ploughed up as part of a new road. Operator decided to stand it on edge.

Apr 4 Great day finding parrot effigy had to be paid for got rear ended in town so I am not getting out for a spell. Turned out driver was uninsured so car damage and injuries will not be paid for. That much longer to heal up. There is no medical treatment available where I live. Did go out before new wind storm hit just to get some sun...dirt can not be called fresh air.

Had a week of rain to go with Ft Concho still in all met a few new people, talked horses instead of rocks to some, old west to others. Interesting input that will appear here in coming months. Managed to get weeds out of the rock garden/display, amazing

how they jump up with the least amount of moisture, Will shortly try to introduce a links page.

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