NARURAL+ ENHANCED                                                TOOL

July 2017 Went out to road test the back/leg. Circled small hill thinking about rattlesnakes nothing specific just general thoughts. Spotted a small piece of flint to my right, bent over to pick it up, there not five feet away directly in line with my face lay a coiled rattlesnake. Nose to nose, eye ball to eye ball, it was a toss up as to which one of us was more surprised. Very politely I backed away leaving the fella to his shady spot. Just so you know I now refer to it as rattlesnake hill.

Jun 2016     Typical hot day overlooking the Colorado river. Took a fall down a hill tore up my good left knee Cost me the entire summer, With one consulation.

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Material Hematite

Spring 2017    For all of you (20 yr olds) who are ten feet tall and bullet proof. Lost the spring and early summer to sciatica (Some of the worst pain ever).

August 2017   Went out today (only 98*) Circled a small hill finding one piece of flint, considering location, expected it to be heavy with flint. Spotted a small bird sculpture, moving a dried branch in order to pick up the bird, the branch snapped (broke). Larger part whipped into my left eye leaving me blind for most of a day. Really great bird, worth all the pain.

Dec 2016        BANNER DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found a Bird Head sculpture on Meadow Mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have not added anything here for a spell. RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sterling County 2016

Observe work on face

105* Got out for 15 minutes, following past step to the right just one

and this fellow jumped up at me. Often find things by just stopping the truck.

Art Burnett's Diary

Is it a lion carved from solid rock?

   While watching a video this evening, Ancient Mysteries-Stonehenge,

Secrets of an Ancient monument. Narrator takes audience to West Kenneth Long Barrow, he enters moving deeper he walks past a protruding stone about waist high on his right. Incised on this round/oval stone is clear image a human face. Anyone interested can fact check the video.

Today was an exceptional day!!! Last year at this time I did a display for Mission Branch Library next to Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas that ran for two months. Elma, head librarian, is a great lady; In the process the very first effigy found here disappeared. Caused me to go grey haired (a joke folks, just ask my daughter) This afternoon while looking for photos it reappeared. ​It could not have made for a better day,

        ​Labor Day, makes  me think of English Boxing Day; do they really spend the day boxing? Started off a little on the strange side, went into San

Angelo, monthly shopping day, stopped for gas on Highway 87 last place leaving town, went inside to pay, coming out there was this bright shineny

quarter lying in my path, just as I started to bend over this kid in a small

blue car blasted across driveway doing 40. Two steps and I would likely have been dead, fully bend over most likely no head as that is how close he was.

        Weekend did open up two new ranches, both of which revealed inter-

resting finds, two being hematite, one a fairly large flint axe head. Heat is hard on me in spite of growing up in West Texas, granted one year was on 

only a 114* above, most here at the ranch this summer was 109*. Big draw back is wet year last year then wet spring...lots of ground cover along with rattlesnakes, have some new blue snakes that are unknown to me.

       August saw permission to hunt new area, problem is a lot of the ground had been disturbed still nothing ventured nothing gained. Fella is wealth of local knowledge so there is a great trade off.  Did run across one boulder will

try to get it uploaded, in case ya'll haven't figured it out am better with fence

pliars, shovel or rope than computors.

       Have not been out this summer just driving around...heat as well as ground cover, next is hunting season, Winter freezes may knock things back, another is rain...heavy rains wash no telling what out of hill sides.

New year, hard to believe an entire year has gone by, every day is a
day of wonder, new wonders. Among last year's rediscoveries was Dec 21st
Solstice Sunset at 246*, a saddle marked by double power poles. Had a good laugh at thought of Concho Elec following ancient wisdom, most likely answer is lowest spot on mountain. My studies of the area keep me down on lower elevations, bum knee does not help. One major rediscovery is Sleeping
Woman Mountain, around the world they are often called dead woman, Coke County's Sleeping Woman has no facial features which fits in with this line of
belief. Spent part of this June working on Solstice Sunrise points. Compass readings are one way to verify a theory or disprove one. 29 May 2014. Hands-on confirmation of Art’s theory was confirmed on May 29, 2014. One viewing fell into perfect three-point alignment over a distance of approximately four miles. Each day’s travel in an ever-widening circle produced new observation points. Points were verified by compass, as no computer was handy. Noting each location also produced what at first were thought to be anomalies, then coincidences. One large stone is an anomaly, two are an aberration, three a coincidence, for are a pattern.

9 June 2014. Cool cloudy morning here on the small mountain, re-named Temple Hill. Began the day with a circuit of lower portion of west then east slopes. Purpose was to see how low on the slope people gathered, mainly to get a feel for those who were not of the elite. Immediately it became apparent there were several classes of people gathered here.​ Another hypothsis was that people and materials changed over time. It is difficult to convey feelings, thoughts, a sense of wonder imparted by sheer numbers of votive stones. It appears that each person brought his/her own sighting tool and votive offering. After each solstice or equinox the tool was dropped or laid down pointing to sunset. Others were killed, possibly one particular group or certain individuals with the group as a whole.  —Art 
13 June 2014. Climbed to balanced rock, rumor of a rock face facing south. A steep ridge stopped me from reaching the rock itself. Backstory: First rock found was a half face, the “King of Silver” appears only in the late afternoon sun. Day before climbing to balanced rock found an iron blob (ore) object while cleaning it, I slipped hitting the concrete floor snapping off its balanced rock. Trip to balanced rock revealed a possible monkey face. Today I found a one-hundred-foot tall monkey face on the north end of Meadow Mountain. Two Sculptured faces, calling them “King of Panther Gap & his Prince.” Two crude carvings of faces plus there be “dragons in them there hills.” Early morning was trip to erect a gravestone, on the way back found a pile of disturbed earth, beautiful stylized bear. Cleaning up shop and  my truck (washing) turned up a larger sculpture; for lack of imagination have dubbed the pair “Darth Vadar.” Found another one on “Tanit Hill” yesterday but left it in situ. “Tanit” came about when discussing another hill with Ancient American Magazine. —Art Burnett, 13 Jun 2014 Continued on next page. 

18 June 2014. Howdy.  Nothing to report went up to the gap to catch the sunrise. Picked up three dozen or so effigies. Back down to rearrange store room. Way to cluttered to be called a show room. Viewing had to be moved slightly do to rains. A cut was made thru the cedars. Looks close if not perfect. Will use an Arizona flag to mark the gate, pink ribbons to mark unimproved road. —Art ​ 19 June 2014. Sunset. Howdy. Sun hit southwest corner of Panther Gap this evening. 20th will see it left of center, 21st center, 22nd right of center. New viewing sight is well placed, dry gravel with a new cut thru cedars. Repeated WARNING: Bring dark glasses as looking straight into sun can damage your eyes. More map work has divulged new  areas of investigation. —Art 

26 June 2014. While working on typology/sorting it became apparent that Meadow Mountain was the center of a bird cult. Rocks as well as maps point to such a working hypothesis. Further/on going study is showing a great deal emphasis on birds. Many of the representations are birds not found in West Texas. Starting today a whole new typology study of bird forms will take place, as previous finds are carefully reexamined. Part and partial to this is the realization of iconography tied to Pre Columbian art work found from Spiro, Oklahoma eastward to the Atlantic. Items show up in the strangest of contexts, a trip to Meadow Mountain one day will lead to recognizing a stone the next. Inverse is also true, a stone found one day will be recognizable on the next trip to the Mountain. Every day here is an adventure into a long lost civilization. Buffalo!!!! A what? Mammoth. King of silver from back side. Human face.
29 June 2014. Panther Gap...Tradition has Panther devouring the Sun each night. Birdmen pray the Sun up each morning, these birdmen can also be warriors. Unbelievable find...Meadow Mountain as a serpent. The Serpent mountain has a triangular head, bends and twists like a snake. Have found a stone (boat stone) that shows mountain was considered a sky boat. Other interpretations of boat stones are Feathered serpents (flying) ie, birdmen. Every day a new part of the puzzle drops into place, a rock, a place, an alignment. Every thing out here revolved around Meadow Mountain with a vacant horizon beyond. Inspired. Come see and feel what Ancients have left for us to see. Inspire. Take away the same feelings, awe felt by those who walked these hills.