FIVE YEARS APART!!!  Next Hill South!!!

Rock garden before heavy rains, weeds took over


Two pieces of totally different materials left; flint with cortex, found while walking back from gate to the Hwy, Horns, left eye closed, right eye open, upsweep::::::Hematite: iron ore; observe the same overall shape, nose...

New rock garden started as an off hand joke. One of the larger man effigies (facing right)

This is a favorite, fell off a hill trying to retrieve it. Worth every bit of pain after.       

​BIRD?                    OR                            MAN?

Two pieces that correspond with first flint image. Rear piece was found 2 miles from MM after spring plowing, foreground piece was found on hillside approx 1 mile from MM. 

This piece was first one of what seems to be a specific type/image. It is flint, fore-

ground, on lime stone. Limestone has the

basic shape of Meadow Mountain.

Howdy, This page is to give those visitors a brief insight as to my approach on classification.

​           Any image, effigy is as found ie: unaltered, occasionally it will be cleaned of dirt or other crud,

only if new cortex has formed over worked surface some may be removed, not the worked surface and only rarely. One point, I do not dig, my finds are for the most part washed  out of hill

-sides, creek bottoms, oil field roads, cattle, deer trails now ever present wild pigs.

         Process is as follows, where is effigy found (context), first one is an anomaly, second one is

coincidence, if at this point a type can be determined odds are we have typology.

         My approach is that of oreintation , does each type face a given point (direction), do types appear more often in a general area. This is how BIRDS came about.

         BIRDS, does it look like a duck...yes/no, is it crude...recognizable, well done?                          FACES, are they human, male, left, right, frontal...recognizable,  well done?

         ANIMALS, recognizable, stylized, crude, student ? Craftsman?, Master?

        VOTIVE offerings  seemed to apply from the beginning, another thought was folks returning

year after year or possibly at each seasonal change. Ranchers who are part of families who have been in Coke County four/five generations have talked of deep pits of ashes on high  bluffs, mountain tops. Signal fires, callings, religion...PLACE OF THE GODS???

​         NOW!!!

        Have you ever tried to draw a circle? Make an arrowhead? These people were artists, good,

bad or indifferent.  


Found near Santa Ana Tx

These pieces are pretty much the same as petroglyphs found at Waco Tanques north

Van Horn texas