This is an early find as you can see the image (effigy) is

900ft tall by 1,900ft long, is was badly damaged after the disastrous 2011 wild fires. To me it is every bit as impressive as the Great Serpent Mound


Answer; on the hill behind the ranch house. NO! !!!! Dirt was removed for photos, glyphs left in place. Make up our own mind.

Howdy, Have long held these back trying to get publishers interested in Meadow Mountain. How did it happen? Arriving here at the end of a drought was a major plus, being a slow walker did not hurt in the least, to illustrate what has been going on here for a hundred and sixty years note the following. Typical ranch owner and sons.

         It is a rock. I don't see it.  Are you sure it is not a rock?  We just kick those out of the way.  (BELOW) Where did you find that?

On the hill behind the ranch house.