‚Äč2 Miles NW of Colorado City

This ONE is in Canada

It came to me from


BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!

Grey Dove Identified by other people

Borden County, Texas compare to image at Mitchell/Coke County line.          L/R


As you can see this bird outline has been cut by construction of Lake J. B. Thomas

North of Maverick, Texas just off Hwy 158

badly overgrown with mesquite/brush

Runnels/Coke County line south of Maverick, Texas

Bird/chick? South east of Ballinger,Texas

BIRD? Robert Lee Texas

To me this is a Perigrine Falcon as often depicted in SE North America sometimes referred to weeping eye.

Perhaps others would see this intaglio as Horus.

NW of Lake Spence

Mitchell/Coke County line

2 miles SW of Colorado City

       Howdy, Bird lovers/watchers beware, below images started when I found the mound/hill just north of Maverick, Texas. Short note USGS maps are for the most part what are used in my research, not teckie enough for Google Maps. Bird off Hwy 158 is covered with mesquite at the present. Other ,maps are what are known as flat maps for ownership purposes.

This first offering is of Colorado River, Texas streaching from NW of Colorado City, Texas to Ballinger, Texas passing through Coke County. There will be on going additions as well as updates of material.

           Pilots/plane owners who would like a day flight here is an excellent opportunity.