OIL BOOM CAME in 1947    When the mood strikes I do yard art

This page is to be an introduction for those who have not studied Texas History.

Rain!!!! Area is unbelievably green here in October. Puts a crimp in surface hunting (I do not dig) Next week have invitation to area we

call THE DIVIDE. Have been trying for 41/2 years to get into this area. Will post updates as soon as they come in.


Springs popping up where locals have never seen water flow. Unbelievable sea of green for miles and miles.

This was presented in 2013 at 200th Anniversary of Battle of Medina

JUMANOS!!! Spelled different ways were here when the Spanish came North. Called Naked Ones. Spanish broad brush strokes called 

various tribes by the monikor     CHICHIMECAS. Jumanos were dived by geography into roughly three groups...river pueblo/farmers,

COW (buffalo/bison) hunters, hunter gathers. What tied them together was TRADE!!! Read Cabza de Vaca's writings.

HOW!  Consider 'How Do You Do?' 'How Do?' 'Howdy!'   How is an American English greeting.